Saturday, 19 November 2016

Here is what the laughing man thinks of that bloodied nose

Absolutely merciless.

BR1M and GST and The Laughing Man.

 Absolutely, hysterically BRUTAL.

When laws are unevenly applied

Image result for quotes tyranny

Tyranny, according to the greatest mind in the world

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Injustice and Peace

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Dictatorship and the control of Information

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Image result for quotes tyranny

When millions vote a tyrant into office.

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Ain't that the truth? Just look around you. Are you waiting for B1IM handouts?

Live by the sword, die by the sword

So do not squeal when your nose is bloodied, when you insist on behaving like an uncouth hooligan.

Red and Yellow, a volatile mix

Red shirt samsengs are paid mercenaries after all

Unpaid samsengs venting their anger. What can you expect?

The iconic uncle Soh

Corruption on an industrial scale, he says

What a dampener!!

True leadership. You do not need shitloads of money to buy loyalty

Atmosphere Electric!!!

Hi Five!

Walk with me if you will, right through the action

The East Is RED

The generous Arab Donor belting out "Shalalala"

Tense moments when rivers of Yellow meets Red!

Mat Sabu is in his element!

100,000 and Counting!


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